Diana 34hh

I am glad you mentioned this point, because I in fact had included a few paragraphs about this exactly, but deleted them before publishing because it seemed to make the article too long and rambling. Perhaps I should add back? I did discuss how it would be difficult to isolate bras as a cause from using deoderant considering the location of use on our bodies. Thanks for the comment!

I will keep my money for a different book because I am not going bra-less anyway even if it is a contributor to cancer :)Have a good night!Much Love,Janet

You will have to reserve your final opinion until part 2 of the post (top ten lists)! - very convincing, you know. :) Thanks so much for the comment.

I am a 36 DD, and I have rarely worn a bra without a wire or that was not comfortable. My mom always pointed me away from the underwire when I was growing up, but since my late teens, all I have worn is underwire. I never sleep in a bra, not even when pregnant or nursing. Also, they may not have worn bras until the 30s, but corsets and laces were worn for a long time before then-keeping the girls up and where they were supposed to be.

I think if they are comfortable then that is really the most important thing!

I wore underwire my entire life as well, but stopped after reading this book and now I am the same way - my old underwire bras feel very uncomfortable. In part 2 to this post, I have reviewed several wireless bras, and I found some that were comfortable. :)

I did just now get a chance to look at the site and facebook page briefly and I truly appreciate the additional information you provided. It is a great extension of the article for any readers. I did recall a sense of perplexity at the end of the book when you indicated you could not really attract any interest in the findings. I think much in our society is drivin by money, sadly, rather than what is in our best interests (unfortunately). Thanks again! http://www.killerculture.com/

Women should realize that bras CAUSE breasts to droop. The suspensory ligaments in the breasts atrophy from non-use when the breasts are supported by an artificial device like a bra. Women who stop wearing bras usually experience a lifting and toning of their breasts as their natural support mechanisms gain strength. Women who have never worn bras have firm, healthy breasts into their senior years.

I actually touch on this exact point in part 2 of this topic as I had found that mentioned when doing my research exactly as you say above. Thanks so much for the comment!

I just sent you a couple of emails - I was not getting yours!

I am planning to post one follow-up discussing alternatives to the standard underwire bra next week sometime. I agree, I think it is about doing what you can! Thank you for stopping by!

I did not run across that during my research but I did read that bras were considered to be more comfortable than corsets! Perhaps the impact of corsets would be discussed more thoroughly in the research for the constrictive clothing theories...? It would be interesting to know if anyone made such a connection. I believe corsets were known to have various negative side effects (fainting!) but that is all I read about. If you find any additional information, please come back and share.

It sounds like less is better so you are already ahead of the game. I have been so surprised by how many women already go braless so much of the time! It is good to hear it, based on the information in this book.

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I wear a 36 D and have recently started going braless. I wear a fitted but not constrictive camisole under my shirt. I am so much more comfortable, and after reading an article like this, I feel vindicated!

Well I wish I would have read this book and worn tank tops since college! I am just starting a relaxed style now and I feel like I have lots of catching up to do. I agree with you in that it really has to do with being healthy more than anything else! Thanks so much for the comment. :)

Eek! I love the idea of going braless, and I often do at home. But since I am 34HH (and breastfeeding) I suffer back pain if I go too long. I am not that into fashion in any other way, but I do appreciate a bra which will help me look perky! If I could find wireless support which would be flattering I would love it. Maybe I can build my muscles?!?

I have been meaning to try the dry brushing as well! I should just get on Amazon and order the brush. I am so glad you enjoyed the post and hope to have Part 2 out early this coming week. Thank you!

How interesting! I am looking forward to more. I do wear a bra mainly because I still have 7 of our 10 children at home and I guess I think wearing one is more modest. I do however change for be after milking our family cow (6pm) and I go braless then and feel so much free-er.